Tax efficient gifting this Christmas

hands holding Christmas gift

Tis the season To plan carefully for gifts and bonuses Running a business is hard work. Whether you’re running a limited company, LLP, are a sole trader or a partnership you will be familiar with the non stop demand to keep your clients happy. To deliver goods or services in such a way that you […]

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What are Research & Development tax credits and can you claim them?

Research & Development

The government’s Research & Development Tax Credit incentive is designed to encourage innovation in UK businesses. Perhaps you’ve never heard of them before. Or maybe you have heard of Research & Development (R&D) tax credits but not really understood what they are or if they apply to your business.  In this article, Chorus Accounting MD […]

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We thought, amongst all the other emails you are getting, we would let you know that as your accountants, we have thought about the challenges that lay ahead and maybe offer some words of reassurance in what can seem to be an increasingly scary time. The main message that we want to say is that […]

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Business Finance Jargon-Buster

Financial terms and ratios – a layman’s guide to the jargon These definitions are for the most commonly used UK financial terms and ratios and may help to break down the mystique around the language of business. They are based on UK Company Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, and Cashflow Statement conventions. Certain financial […]

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The Levels of Selling

The different levels of selling a product or service What you sell and the way that you sell often determine whether a person or another business will buy from you. When it comes to selling, especially to businesses, there are four levels, the first three of which on their own usually risk delays in decision-making […]

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The New Rules for Marketing

The New Rules for Marketing What works today is very different from what worked a decade or more ago. If you think of Marketing as the same as it was twenty (or even ten) years ago, you are definitely thinking in the wrong direction! The reason is simple. What works today is almost the opposite […]

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Keep Your Customers – Forever!

4 Top Tips for Keeping your Customers If your doing something wrong your customers may leave you, here’s how to stop that from happening. When customers leave, it’s almost always your fault. Therefore, you’d best understand why they leave and what you must do to keep your existing customers loyal. Here’s why they leave and […]

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Martin’s London Marathon Quest

Chorus Accounting - News

LONDON MARATHON: Martin has taken on the enormous challenge of running the London Marathon on  23rd April 2017 in aid of Multiple Sclerosis, which affects his immediate family. If you would like to sponsor Martin please click on the Just Giving sponsorship button below….all contributions will be most gratefully received.  There is a case of wine […]

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